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"Available" means the kitten is for sale.
"Reserved for Breeder" means I'm keeping the kitten or its sold to another breeder
"Reserved for [Name]" means the kitten is SOLD.

Kittens Available:

Dam:  Annwyn of Wyecoon (Annwyn) x

Sire:   Icecoons Dandelion

D.O.B:  31-01-21

Ready to leave 31-04-21


Black/Silver Classic Tabby     - reserved for breeder, Simone

Blue Classic Tabby/Torbie      - reserved for breeder

Blue Mackeral Torbie female - reserved for breeder


Tortie/Tabby & White


Silver Tabby

4 days old

Planned Litters 2021:

Dam:  Snowballs Myffanwy of Anjayma (Miffy) x

Sire:   Grand Ch. Icecoons Wolfsbane

Pregnancy to be confirmed

Possible colours:  Red, Black & Brown in Silver & non-Silver.

Possible patterns:  Tabby, Tortie & Torbie, with & without White.

First pick male & female reserved for breeders.


Silver Tortie/Tabby


Silver Tabby & White

Dam:  Anjayma Gwenhwyfar Pendragon (Gwenny) x

Sire:   Grand Ch. Icecoons Wolfsbane

Kits ready to leave April/May, depending on conception date.

Possible colours:  Black, Blue & Red, in Silver & non-Silver.  High White.
Possible patterns:  Solid White.  Tabby, Tortie, Torbie with & without White.

First pick male & female reserved for breeders.


High White


Silver Tabby & White