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Angela Watson

Anjayma Tonkinese & Maine Coons

ANCATS Member 8340
PER Source No. RB100383

From one of my customers:

                                  "Hi Angela, 

I wanted to share with you how well our Maine Coon kitten "Drea" is settling in at home.  Drea bounces and tears around our home and has rest time snuggled up with the dogs.  Drea is a confident, happy and well adjusted kitten that has fitted into our home easily. She is confident around our two mini dachshunds, washing their faces and giving them snuggles.

Angela you have helped and supported me throughout the journey of getting a kitten, and you always guided me with all my questions in regards to raising a happy healthy Maine Coon.  You have the best interest of your Queens and the kittens and what is the natural progression on when they should leave home, making sure all kittens are reared properly to start their new life-long adventure in their new homes.  Thank you once again - Drea is a much loved family member.

Christine M."

Breeding is my vocation, and I've been doing it in some form for most of my life, starting with Finches at 7 yo.


I began breeding & showing Tonkinese cats in 2006, having previously bred & shown Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds for 22 years.  In 2015 I bought my first Maine Coon queen and began breeding those as well as Tonkinese.  In 2022, I decided to retire from breeding Tonkinese and concentrate solely on my Maine Coons. 

I generally have around 10 breeding cats, from UK, USA, NZ and Australian lines.  I try to import a cat from overseas every couple of years, to keep my cattery's gene pool large.

Maine Coon kittens are usually available throughout the year, for pets, showing and breeding.

I'm located in Barkly
, Victoria.  
Kitten buyers [or those considering purchasing from me and wanting to view my adults] can visit the farm in Barkly if they wish, but I generally set up kitten viewings in Melbourne.  Viewings to choose your kitten are at 9 weeks old, and kittens leave at 12-13 weeks old.

I can ship interstate or overseas if required.

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