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Maine Coons come 5 basic colours ... Everything else is a pattern.












There are 4 basic COAT patterns - Solid, Tabby, Tortie and Tortie/Tabby


Colour patterns OVERLAY the Coat pattern - ie they change the appearance of the coat pattern.

Cats with white - the White Spotting gene


The White Spotting gene adds patches of white.  Depending on the amount of white, the cat will be described as With White, And White, Bi-colour, Harlequin, Calico, or Van.













Silver & Smoke - the Inhibitor gene

The Inhibitor gene causes the base of each hair to be banded with white, making the cat's colour paler. 
This is also a Colour pattern - it overlays the Coat Colour, changing the appearance of the cats colour.


  - If the coat pattern is Solid or Tortie and the cat has the Inhibitor gene, the colour pattern is known as



  - If the coat pattern is Tabby or Tortie Tabby and the cat has the Inhibitor gene, the colour pattern is known

    as Silver.




























Shaded, Tipped and Chinchilla

When combined with the Wide Banding gene, the Inhibitor gene can also give Shaded, Tipped and Chinchilla patterns [with each category getting progressively lighter].

Believe it or not, the first 4 cats below are actually Black! 


But the combined wide-banding and inhibitor genes make their colour so pale, that on the Chinchilla the only way you can tell it's Black not White, is the black lining to eyes, nose and lips [instead of pink].


These colour patterns are extremely rare in Australia - you mostly find Shaded, Tipped & Chinchilla Maine Coons in Europe.

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