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Maine Coons come in a huge variety of colours & patterns, with only Chocolate, Lilac, Cinnamon & Fawn being disallowed.



  • Solid Black, Black Smoke, Black Tortie, Black Smoke Tortie

  • Black Tabby/Brown Tabby, Black/Silver Tabby

  • Black Tortie/Tabby, Black/Silver Tortie/Tabby

Red [not ginger]:

  • Red Tabby, Red/Silver Tabby

Blue [not grey]:

  • Solid Blue, Blue Smoke, Blue Tortie, Blue Smoke Tortie

  • Blue Tabby, Blue/Silver Tabby, Blue Tortie/Tabby, Blue/Silver Tortie/Tabby



  • Cream, Cream Tabby, Cream/Silver Tabby


All the above colours can come with and without White

Solid White

Eye colour:  All colours should have Green, Green-gold, Gold or Amber eyes. 
Solid White cats may have Blue eyes.




  • Solid - One colour all over, with no pattern and no white.

  • Solid & White - One colour all over, with white chest, paws &/or feet.

  • Tabby, Tortie, and Torbie - Patterned body.

  • Tabby/Tortie/Torbie & White - Patterned body with white chest, paws &/or feet.

  • Bi-colour/Harlequin/Calico - Body is primarily white, with patches of colour or pattern.

  • Van - White body with coloured tail and one or more patches of colour on the head.  One or two small patches of colour on the body are allowed.

  • Silver - Each hair is banded, with the tip being coloured and the base of the hair being silvery-white.  Width of the banding can vary, but overall, darker than Silver Tipped.

  • Silver Tipped - 1/8 of each hair is tipped with colour; the rest of hair is silvery-white.  Overall paler than Silver Shaded.

  • Smoke - Coloured body with silver-white undercoat, silver around the eyes and silvery at the base of the eyebrows.

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