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Taking Your Kitten Home:

You'll need:



  • Crystals
    I use the ones from Kmart, which are much more economical than supermarket or pet store ones.  The best crystals for both liquid absorption and smell reduction though, are the Catsan crystals from Kmart.


  • Max's Rice Hull litter.  This has excellent smell reduction - I sprinkle it on the bottom of each tray before adding the crystals.  Available at Petstock & Petbarn.




They're using & love the Gigwi Melody Bird from Amazon.  You'll also need a cat tree, mice, balls, wands etc.


  • A slicker brush, a bristle brush or grooming glove, a wide-tooth comb and a narrow-tooth comb. 

  • Give a light brush/comb daily, and a thorough brush/comb weekly.  Pay special attention to front armpits, groin & behind back legs, and tail, since these are the areas that tend to mat.

  • It's a good idea to also give a bath once per week or fortnight, so your MC is used to bathing when it NEEDS a bath.  Your kitten will already have been bathed once or twice before leaving home, and MCs do love water! 

Links to stockists for products I use & recommend:

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