Taking Your Kitten Home:

You'll need:


3-4 meals per day:  1-2 meat, 1 tinned, 1 dry.

  • Leave dry food out all the time, for ad-lib feeding

  • Breakfast/dinner, it doesn't matter in which order you give the tinned or meat meal.  1 for breakfast, the other for dinner.


  • DO NOT use pet meat from supermarkets - it has harmful preservatives etc in it. Human grade meat only when buying from a supermarket.

    Pre-made patties

  • Big Dog, Leaps'N'Bounds or Proudi brands, from Petstock or Petbarn:  rabbit, kangaroo, turkey etc.  Don't add vitamin supplement to this - it's already a complete, balanced meal.


  • Raw Beef:  Cheapest quality (ie 3-star/highest fat content) mince beef, human grade.  Kittens need more fat in their diet than adults do.  For adults, change to a low-fat mince.  Add a Pet Vitamin/Mineral Supplement according to brand dosage.  I recommend Raw Meow Mix.

  • Raw or Cooked chicken

    DIY Recipe


    To make 1kg of food:
    800g mince
    100g Chicken hearts (for the Taurine). You can use lamb heart if you can't source chicken hearts
    100g Liver
    1 whole egg
    Pet Vitamin/Mineral Supplement (Raw Meow Mix recommended).


      Kittens - For kittens, you want a higher fat content.  Use 3-star minced beef, or skin-on chicken.

      Adults - For adults, you want a lower fat content.  Use leaner beef, skin-off chicken, kangaroo,
      venison, rabbit etc.


  • Coles brand Seafood Cocktail.  (Not Tuna, Seafood Cocktail only).

  • Ziwipeak tinned food

  • Human-grade Sardines, Mackeral, or Salmon in Springwater.  NO TUNA - it's far too high in mercury content.

Dry food:


Option 1:  Royal Canin Babycat until ~4 months old.  At ~4 months, change to Royal Canin Kitten.  

                 Feed Kitten food until 12 mths old, then change to Adult.
Option 2: 
Ziwipeak Air-dried meat

Adult:       Royal Canin Indoor for Tonkinese, or Royal Canin Maine Coon for Coons, or Ziwipeak Air-dried meat.


  • Water ad-lib

  • A saucer a day of Liddells or Zymil Lactose Free milk to boost calcium intake.  Available in long-life section of supermarket.  Alternatively you can use Di-vetelact animal formula.


  • Crystals


They're using & love the Gigwi Melody Bird from Amazon.  You'll also need a cat tree, mice, balls, wands etc.


Tonkinese:  A slicker brush and a bristle brush.  Brush once a week; daily during moulting.

Maine Coon:  A slicker brush, a bristle brush, a wide-tooth comb and a narrow-tooth comb. 

                            Give a light brush/comb daily, and a thorough brush/comb weekly.  Pay special attention to front

                      armpits, groin & behind back legs, and tail, since these are the areas that tend to mat. 

                      It's a good idea to also give a bath once per week or fortnight, so your MC is used to bathing when

                      it NEEDS a bath.  Your kitten will already have been bathed once or twice before leaving home,

                      and MCs do love water! 

Links to stockists for products I use & recommend:

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