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Grand Ch. Nibbel Tommy - Platinum/Lilac Mink Tonkinese

I begin taking deposits when kittens are around 4 weeks old.

- New owners choose their kitten in the order I've received their deposit

- Where a specific sex/colour/pattern is requested, I allocate a matching kitten to that customer

- Deposits are refundable or transferable to another litter if I don't have a kitten matching what you wanted.

- Deposits are non-refundable on change-of-mind

Entire (undesexed) kittens are available to Registered Breeders ONLY


My kittens are raised in the house and are used to dogs, visitors, various floor textures, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, dishwasher, etc.  My kittens leave at 12 weeks old minimum and come with:

- 2 vaccinations

- Microchip

- Flea/worm treated

- Desexed (if going to a pet home)

- Kitten pack

- Health certificate

- Registered Pedigree



I don't keep a waiting list.  Please keep an eye on the Kittens page for Birth and Taking Deposits Now announcements.

I begin taking deposits when kittens are 4-6 weeks old, and purchasers basically choose their kitten in order deposit was received, with kittens going to Registered Breeders being chosen before pet kittens. 

However, I try to match each kitten with it's new owner/s, taking into consideration not only the sex, colour & pattern requested, but also the temperament & personality required to best suit each household.  So for example if I have 2 customers wanting a Blue Tabby male, and only 1 Blue Tabby male kitten, the kitten will be allocated to whichever household I believe best suits that kitten's temperament & personality, not the customer that paid deposit first.  This is entirely at my discretion, and is done for the benefit of both the kitten/s and the new owner/s.  If the kittens temperament & personality suits both households, the kitten goes to customer who paid deposit first.

I ask that customers please take my recommendation on which kitten's temperament and personality will suit them best into consideration, and go with my suggestion regardless of colour/pattern.  Quite often, someone will order eg a Blue Tortie, and on visit choose a Black Tabby instead, because that's the kitten that gravitates towards / appeals to them when they visit.  I've been breeding for over 30 years, and am adept at matching temperaments to owners.

  • The Balance is payable in cash on pick-up, or by direct deposit about a week prior to leaving date if kitten is being shipped interstate (I'm in Vic).

  • Where there is no kitten available that matches the sex, colour, pattern, temperament & or personality requirements, the buyer may choose to transfer deposit to another litter, or have a refund of deposit.


  • Deposit is non-refundable on change of mind.  However, if the person comes back to me at a later date to buy a kitten, the original deposit will be deducted from purchase price (on presentation of deposit receipt).  A new deposit still needs to be paid, but the original deposit is deducted from final balance. 

  • I reserve the right not to sell a particular kitten to any person/household, where I consider the kitten's temperament &/or personality will not suit that person/household.  Buyers must choose a kitten I consider to have suitable temperament/personality for their household, to ensure both kitten and owner are happy.

  • I reserve the right not to sell to any person/household I consider to be unsuitable as an owner, up to and including date of pick-up.  Where I choose not to sell, all money paid to date will be refunded.

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