I begin taking deposits when kittens are around 4 weeks old.

- New owners choose their kitten in the order I've received their deposit

- Where a specific sex/colour/pattern is requested, I allocate a matching kitten to that customer

- Deposits are refundable or transferable to another litter if I don't have a kitten matching what you wanted.

- Deposits are non-refundable on change-of-mind

Entire (undesexed) kittens are available to Registered Breeders ONLY


My kittens are raised in the house and are used to dogs, visitors, various floor textures, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, dishwasher, etc.  My kittens leave at 12 weeks old minimum and come with:

- 2 vaccinations

- Microchip

- Flea/worm treated

- Desexed (if going to a pet home)

- Kitten pack

- Health certificate

- Registered Pedigree for Show & Breeding cats




Entire male

Entire female

Pet male
Pet female



Maine Coon:


Entire male

Entire female

Pet male

Pet female


Why do pet females cost more than males? 


- It costs more to desex females.

Why do Maine Coons cost more than Tonkinese? 

- I've paid more for my MC breeding stock than for my Tonk breeding stock.

- There's more health testing involved with MCs than with Tonks, so MC breeding cats have higher health-testing costs than Tonk breeding cats do.


- Being a larger cat, they cost more to feed etc, making it more expensive to raise kittens as well as more expensive to keep my adults.



$   900

$   950

$   100





$   500


I don't keep a waiting list.  Please keep an eye on the Tonkinese Kittens or Maine Coon Kittens page for Birth and Taking Deposits Now announcements.

I begin taking deposits when kittens are 4-6 weeks old, and purchasers basically choose their kitten in order deposit was received, with kittens going to Registered Breeders being chosen before pet kittens. 

However, I try to match each kitten with it's new owner/s, taking into consideration not only the sex, colour & pattern requested, but also the temperament & personality required to best suit each household.  So for example if I have 2 customers wanting a Chocolate Point male, and only 1 Chocolate Point male kitten, the kitten will be allocated to whichever household I believe best suits that kitten's temperament & personality, not the customer that paid deposit first.  This is entirely at my discretion, and is done for the benefit of both the kitten/s and the new owner/s.  If the kittens temperament & personality suits both households, the kitten goes to customer who paid deposit first.

I ask that customers please take my recommendation on which kitten's temperament and personality will suit them best into consideration, and go with my suggestion regardless of colour/pattern.  Quite often, someone will order eg a Blue Mink, and on visit choose a Chocolate Point instead, because that's the kitten that gravitates towards / appeals to them when they visit.  I've been breeding for over 30 years, and am adept at matching temperaments to owners.

  • Where there is no kitten available that matches the sex, colour, pattern, temperament & or personality requirements, the buyer may choose to transfer deposit to another litter, or have a refund of deposit.


  • Deposit is non-refundable on change of mind.  However, if the person comes back to me at a later date to buy a kitten, the original deposit will be deducted from purchase price (on presentation of deposit receipt).  A new deposit still needs to be paid, but the original deposit is deducted from final balance. 

  • I reserve the right not to sell a particular kitten to any person/household where I consider the kitten/s temperament &/or personality will not suit the person/household.  The person must choose a kitten I consider to have suitable temperament/personality for the household, to ensure both kitten and owner are happy.

  • I reserve the right not to sell to any person/household I consider to be unsuitable as an owner, up to and including date of pick-up.  Where I choose not to sell, all money paid to date will be refunded.

Taking Your Kitten Home:


You'll need:




3 meals per day - 1 meat, 1 tinned, 1 dry.

  • Leave dry food out all the time, for ad-lib feeding

  • Breakfast/dinner, it doesn't matter in which order you give the tinned or meat meal.  1 for breakfast, the other for dinner.



  • Cheapest quality (ie 3-star/highest fat content) mince beef, human grade.  Kittens need more fat in their diet than adults do.  For adults, change to a lower-fat mince.  Add a Pet Vitamin/Mineral Supplement according to brand dosage.

  • Cooked chicken & rice:

    Chicken Maryland (skin on); Chicken thigh fillets (skin off), Chicken hearts (for the Taurine), Rice, Pet Vitamin/Mineral Supplement

    - Boil, then simmer, Chicken Maryland and skinless thigh/drumstick fillets, until meat falls off the bone. 
    - Remove bone, but leave in cartilage from knuckles.  Top up water & continue cooking til meat shreds easily and the cartilage has dissolved (the cartilage will form jellymeat). 
    - Add rice & chicken hearts, and cook at least another 30m, till rice bursts open into "flowers" and all the stock is absorbed/reduced.  Make sure meat is covered with water at all times, til you add the rice and begin reducing stock. 
    - Cool, then add whatever vitamin/mineral supplements you're using, and freeze in portions.  Cook time usually 3-4 hours.


    Kittens - For kittens, you want a higher fat content.
    PER KILO of skinless leg fillets, use 1 chicken Maryland (skin on), plus 50g chicken hearts (chopped), and 1/4 cup raw rice.
    - So if you're cooking 2kg of skinless leg fillets, use 2 Marylands, 100g hearts, 1/2 cup raw rice.

    - Adults - For adults, you want a lower fat content.
    - PER 3 KILOS of
    skinless leg fillets, use 1 chicken Maryland (skin on), plus 300g chicken hearts (chopped), and 3/4 cup raw rice.
    - So if you're cooking 6kg of skinless thigh fillets, use 2 Marylands, 600g chicken hearts, and 1-1/2 cups raw rice.

    Note:  if you want to cook less than 1kg, substite skin-on Drumsticks for skin-on Marylands.




  • Coles brand Seafood Cocktail.  (Not Tuna, Seafood Cocktail only).

  • Human-grade Tuna in Springwater.


Dry food:


Kitten:  Royal Canin Babycat until ~4 months old.  At ~4 months, change to Royal Canin Kitten.


Feed Kitten food until 12 mths old, then change to Adult.


Adult:   Royal Canin Indoor for Tonkinese, or Royal Canin Maine Coon for Coons.


  • Water ad-lib

  • A saucer a day of Liddells Lactose Free milk to boost calcium intake.  Available in long-life section of supermarket.

Cat litter:

  • Crystals.  I use The Catessentials Crystal Litter from Pet Circle, but CatSan from Coles is also very good.

Toys etc:

They're using & love the Jute Dome Scratcher, the Melody Chaser Bird, and the Bliss Tweet Mice from Pet Circle.

I buy most of my products online from Pet Circle.  


Grooming equipment:

Tonkinese:  A slicker brush and a bristle brush.  Brush once a week.

Maine Coon:  A slicker brush, a bristle brush, a wide-tooth comb and a narrow-tooth comb.  Give a light brush/comb daily, and a

thorough brush/comb weekly.  Pay special attention to front armpits, groin & behind back legs, and tail, since these are the areas that tend to mat.  It's a good idea to also give a bath once per week, so your MC is used to bathing when it NEEDS a bath.  Your kitten will already have been bathed a couple of times before leaving home, and MCs do love water! 


Links to products at Pet Circle:


Litter -

Toys - 




Health Guarantee & Refunds:

Health Guarantee:


Your kitten is guaranteed to be free of parasites at time of leaving having been treated with Advocate & Milbemax, and to be vaccinated at least once with F3 vaccine, micro-chipped, and spayed/neutered.

Your kitten is guaranteed to be healthy at time of leaving, unless otherwise specified by the breeder, to be FIV/FELV negative, and to have been vet-checked and be accompanied by a Health Certificate from my vet.

Your kitten is guaranteed to be free from genetic diseases &/or abnormalities affecting long term health, where tests are available to determine presence of genetic diseases &/or abnormalities.

Your kitten is guaranteed to be free from congenital abnormalities affecting long term health, where it is possible for an abnormality to be detected.   In some instances, congenital abnormalities can't be diagnosed within the 12 week period the animal is at the owner's premises.  In those cases, refunds under the 3-year Clause apply.

Your kitten is not guaranteed against congenital abnormalities which do NOT affect long-term health; eg tail kink or crossed eyes.

Your Guarantee to Me:


You, as the buyer/owner, guarantee that:


  • you will take your kitten/s to the vet within 21 days of collection, to confirm kitten is healthy at time of sale (see 21-Day Clause.)

  • you will maintain parasite control and vaccinations throughout it's life, to ensure your cat remains healthy.

  • you will feed, groom, care for and maintain your cat properly, it will have fresh water at all times, and you will not change the recommended diet within 1 month of receiving your kitten

  • the kitten will not be left unattended with young children

  • if at any time you are unable to keep your cat, you will offer it back to me before offering it to any other pet home, and that you will not charge me for return of the cat, nor hold me responsible for any costs in returning the cat

  • if the cat is placed in another pet home, you will advise me of the new owners name, address and contact details

  • you will not surrender your cat to a pet shop, refuge, vet clinic or any other business/organisation

I further advise that you do not allow your kitten/cat to roam at large, unattended.


Refunds given are per the ANCATS Code of Ethics and the State laws set out in the Victorian Code Of Practice for Breeding & Rearing Establishments, as follows:

3 Day Clause

Where an animal is returned to the business within 3 days of sale, for any reason not supported by a statement from a veterinary practitioner, the business must take back the animal and refund 75% of the purchase price.

21 Day Clause

Where an animal is returned to the business within 21 days of sale accompanied by a statement from a veterinary practitioner that the animal is unacceptable for health reasons, the business must take back the animal and refund 100% of the purchase price. 

This clause is void if:

  • the cats vaccinations and/or parasite control have not been given when due and maintained constantly since leaving breeder's premises, leaving it open to infection

  • the cat is ill with or has been infected with a disease not traceable to point of sale

  • the owner does not wish to return the animal.

3 Year Clause

If an animal is diagnosed with, suffering from, dies of, or is euthanized from a physical defect or disease that is traceable to the point of sale within 3 years of purchase, the business must refund 100% of the purchase price where the owner of the animal provides supporting statements from a veterinary practitioner, including test results where a suitable test is available. Owners of the animal must make veterinary reports and test results available to the breeder, for the breeder to obtain their own veterinary advice (second opinion) for the purpose of confirming diagnosis and informing future breeding management.  Case notes, test results and veterinary certificates must be linked with the animal’s microchip number.

This clause is void if:

  • the cats vaccinations and/or parasite control have not been given when due and maintained constantly since leaving breeder's premises, leaving it open to infection

  • the illness diagnosed is FIP, which is not considered traceable to the point-of-sale, since it is easily transmitted from pet-to-pet and/or in the environment

  • there is no definitive diagnosis - I do not give refunds where the disease or cause of illness is unknown.

Under the 3-Day Clause:

  • The breeder is not responsible for any costs incurred by the owner in returning the animal.


Under the 21-Day and 3-Year Clauses:

  • The breeder is not responsible for any veterinary expenses incurred by the owner, nor any costs incurred by the owner in returning the animal.

The payment of refunds should be made upon presentation of:

  • the animal for the 3-day return clause

  • the animal and a signed veterinary certificate giving a definitive diagnosis and including the animals microchip number, for the 21-day return clause

  • a signed veterinary certificate giving a definitive diagnosis and including the microchip number, together with supporting statements, case notes, treatments undertaken, and test results where a suitable test is available, for the 3-year clause

For refunds being sought under the 3-year clause, breeders should be given sufficient time to have an independent veterinary assessment of any test results, veterinary statements, etc. It would be reasonable to assume this independent veterinary assessment could be accomplished within 6 weeks of the owner of the animal supplying the necessary documentation. Therefore, the refund should be made within a period of 6 weeks of initial presentation of veterinary statements and test results or as soon as practicable after that.

  • Under the 3-day and 21-day clauses, the owner cannot keep the animal and request a refund.

  • Under the 3-year clause the owner may choose to keep the animal, but request a refund to help cover veterinary/care costs.